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Data reading….  
time is--/ Month / Day / Year /
Date is-/   april  /  13  / 2157 /
Show codex in…………….
In a lab on the planet called Uranus a group of biological scientists are mixing animal parts and genes together to make a Abomination to send to earth to fight off the Exo tanks that came from Cydonia (Mars). It’s been 73 years since a human walked the surface of Earth and the scientists called this Project Sirius the project is to make a Abomination that they can send to earth that can hunt and Destroy the Exo tanks on Earth. And here are the days that the bio scientists are making the Abomination before they send it to earth. We will be looking in a family's life of a father (Dave) and his daughter (Molly) are working hard on the project sirius but something more well come very soon………….

Day 1 / 5:01 AM / March 3rd /....
Molly Yawns,"Hi sleepy head" Dave said, "Hi Dad... is that orko i smell? said Molly, "We will start on the project at 6:00 so eat fast and change fast and we will go to the lab for the meeting and yes it is orko."said Dave. A few minutes pass and they get out of there steel room and walk to the lab, when they got to the lab they open the cold steel door it was heavy and wet  Voice called "Dave you're here so is Molly come right in.” they talk with the other scientists and the voice that welcomed Molly and Dave and when the meeting was all over all the scientists went to their labs and worked so did Molly and her father.

Day 3 / 9:30 PM / March 5th /....
In the lab Molly was working on genes of a Chameleon so she can put them in Sirius so that it can camouflage (As she calls it Sirius because the project was called Sirius so she calls it Sirius instead of Abomination). “Oh most got it” Molly said, but the lab door opened and come a figure with blue light coming out of it, she got down on her hands and was unsure if that was a human or something else, she heard nothing and got up then saw the Being “WHat are youuu……” Molly said, before fallen on the ground and fast asleep, but then the Being walk over her body then goes towards the glass wall that kept the water out, Molly got up and feels weird but she sees the Being touch the glass look out in the waters of Uranus she calls out “WHO ARE YOU?!?!?!?” then the Being runs towards the door then she tried to stop it but when she got to the door it was nowhere to be seen. “But it was there………. She said.

Day 5 /  5:30 AM / March 7th /….
Two days have past since March 5th the day when Molly seen the Being after that. she finish the genes for Sirius and got to her room and slept after that night she got sick and had to rest back at her room. But her father went to the lab to do more work and such but today was when the Voice would come by and see the hard work the scientists have been doing “Hi where is Molly Dave?” Voice said, “She’s sick.” Dave said, “Oh well i hope she feels better by tomorrow.”  said Voice, “I hope so she's not that easy to get sick.” Dave said “Well it might be the planet's gravity that might got her sick or something with the planet?” said Voice “Maybe.” said Dave. later that day at 7:30 Dave left early that day because he has heard noises in the lab hallways and those noises aren’t human… When Dave got to his room he saw a fade blueish light at the end of the hallway and he was confused at the sight of it, then when the Being came out to look at Dave it started to walk towards Dave then runs at him, then Dave looks back at the door trying to put the key in the lock and as the Being almost got to Dave, Dave opened the door and got in his room and closed and then locked it before the Being could get him. “What is that thing?!” He runs for the alarm pull stick and pulls it down and all the alarms go off and soldiers come out and running towards the room that Dave was with Molly and looking out towards the Being’s eyes, when the soldiers turn around the corner the Being runs towards the soldiers then the next thing that Dave saw was blood flying at every wall and screams of pain and horror Dave heard “Oh… my… god…” Dave said.

Day 7 / 5:30 AM / March 9th /….
Two days have passed by since the Being was seen in the ship (1057-Zeus series). As this happened Molly was feeling better but when she heard the news she was horrified of what could have happened to her back in the lab when the Being came in. after the 1057-Zeus series was scanned for the Being every one want back to work to make up for the loss of time when the being was around. Molly got out off her room and start walking towards the lab area, but then she felt a cold breath on her shoulder and when she turned she saw the Being looking at her not doing anything just looking at her with it’s blue eyes she would have run but she didn’t feel like she's in danger instead felt safe with the Being. Then the Being puts it’s hand up and signs [I’m a uranus walker…. Never heard of us?] Molly justs moves her head side to side, then the Being signs [Well i’m a uranus walker... I got a question for You know that all life does not need the same thing as you do humans... you do know?] then Molly says “I was shocked seeing one of you and yes i know that some animals on earth don’t breathe oxygen like we do… but why ask me this silly Question?” Molly said then the Being signs again [We? I don’t breathe anything…] before Molly could say anything else the Being was gone before a second passed by…

Day 10 / 10:01 PM / March 12th /….
On a landing pad there was Molly just sitting on the ground looking up towards the Uranus’s moons she remembers that Earth’s moon (Lua) is full on March 12th, she felt sad that she will not see it right now as she was on Uranus and one of her dreams was too see Lua at it’s fullest. Then Being walks behind her and signs [ Does it hurt not being at home looking at your moon breathe your air?] Molly says “Yes, yes it does…” As she gets up the wind blows her long gorgeous black hair back and it made her feel like this would be the same on Earth's thin but strong crust as if she was there she would be able to feel Earth’s plants and the cool air and see the blue oceans and look at Lua with ease nothing would be on her mind but it would be a new start for humanity to rebuild their great cities and do a better job of taken care of it cleaning the oceans get rid of toxic air and a lot of things could happen when humanity returns to Earth. “What does Earth look like in space?” said Molly then Being answers by signing [The land is green and whitish yellow and white at the poles, and for the oceans they are blue just a color of life my friend… When you get there it would be a Gorgeous sight when you see it.].

Day 17 / 3:00 PM / March 19th /….
7 days have passed since Molly talked to Being as Molly and Dave were working on the genes of a shark, then the speakers come to live and say “Molly and Dave Come to the landing bay” as Molly and Dave look at each other then they get up walk towards the doors then walk to the elevator then they go down to the landing bay and walked out of the elevator and see the Voice and someone behind him when they got closer they saw the Being behind Voice then Dave said “What the Hell is that thing doing here!!!!” then the Voice speaks “He’s here to inform that the…. Sirius... needs someone to talk to and help it understand that it’s here to help humanity and give us a home world to live on and that someone is Molly.” as Dave was shocked by this news and such but Molly was Confused by the fact that the Being is next to the Voice in her mind she was amazed by the view then the Being signs [As this is weird and such but back in the labs I saw that the project was not working because the animal you will send to earth was in isolation so it is scared that something bad is going to happen to it… make your choice but make sure you talk about it….].

Day 20 / 2:00 AM / March 22th /….
As Molly talked to her father to make him understand the issue the last few days of March, he would not allow it as he thought the Voice follows orders from the Being but this is wrong as Molly knows what happened on March 7th, As soldiers fight the Being and died as Molly keeps telling her father this and telling him to stop being Ungrateful that she could help the project succeed and might sand it to earth and stop the Exo tanks…. In the hallways Molly talks to Voice about her father. Voice speaks “Why if he stops us from saving humanity he’s a fool and selfish man!” Molly then speaks “I know he would not listen to me no matter what i say, hell he thinks you are following orders from Being!” Voice speaks “Well kind of but not really, it’s not that big of a deal really he’s overreacting about it, when the Being came in my room i wanted to shoot it in the head but it felt like it was their to help us and not to harm us it only killed those soldiers to protect himself.” Molly then speaks “Do you think i should do it without his permission?” Voice in his white robes just in the halls just was shocked by what Molly just said “Whatever you feel like is the right path for you.”

Day 27 / 7:13 AM / March 29th /….
Project Sirius got more help from Molly talking to Sirius as it calmed the project down and made it feel safe as this was happening Dave was upset that his Daughter disobeyed him and did it.
But this was a great day as the project was moving faster than ever! (As the Being was also helping) And everyone was getting the pods ready and fixing the tvs and such as this was going to happen on March 31 the last day on March as this was happening Voice and Dave are talking about Molly. “She disobeyed me did you do this!” Dave Screaming at the Voice “Calm your Shit man what’s with you!?” Voice responding to Dave’s angry voice “What’s with me!? What’s with you letting that Being boss us around like a Fu….” as Dave is about to grab Voices robes then gets screamed back in the face “She needs to be free from your Stupidity old man as she will not be your child for long and your stopping humanity from returning back home to earth and they will be ashamed of you, Stop pushing your own brother back!?” as both Voice and Dave were in the room with pearl half nude female Statues that looked like they were 18 years old for what their body shape was, as the room was silent without a Single movement in the room then the Silence broke when Dave said “We're not brothers….” then he leaves the room “But you are a brother to me…” as the Voice said after Dave left

Day 29 / 6:00 PM / March 31th /….
The last day of March before the launch happens Molly talks to the being and Voice “Think you both for letting me do this.” [Your welcome…] as Being signs then Voice speaks “Your welcome, i hope your father can let this go” as Molly heard that last part “I hope he does too uncle.” as Molly walks out of the to see if Sirius is ok with this happening, as Molly got to the labs to see if Sirius is there and ok as she looks she’s sees the project as it is in its case eating the food it has “Hi buddy do you feel like you can hold yourself for this Mission?” as Sirius looks behind it signs {yes} “Ok don’t want to see you go now because how much time we spent together and such” starts to cry feeling like it might be its last time to see her before going to earth and fighting those Exo tanks, an hour latter Sirius is being Loaded up and about to be put in the ship and send to Earth… As Molly is sitting on the landing pad looking towards the ship then Molly was about to get up until someone hug her “It’s ok Molly that Sirius is going just cry in my Shoulders.” as Dave was sitting with Molly and then she falls in has lap crying then Dave looks at the ship launching off the dock towards Earth “Bye Sirius…” as Molly and Dave said it at the some time then Dave says “Even when we are protecting ourselves we somehow get hurt.”

Day launch off / 8:00 PM / March 31th /….
Sirius is in its ship going to Earth then it speaks “The land is green and whitish yellow and white at the poles, and for the oceans they are blue just a color of life… When you get there it would be a Gorgeous sight when you see it Sirius.” then Sirius smiles and looks at Uranus for the last time…

Codex ending………….
The Aqurium story
This taken a long time to make this and this was inspired by a art piece called Aqurium made by OrangeSavannah
As this was fun to make but please let me know if there is a error anywhere i will fix it!
(takes place under After "under the skin" event)
The sinking thought of blood
Act 3 
*In a unknown location*

*As Marrow and Plague wait for Kalnex to inform them of news on his progress on taken down the 13*

*As Marrow kneels in the blood of millions of dead vulks who 
tried to betray Kalnex and Zeus*

*Plague stands behind Marrow and looks around to see if Kalnex would come*

*Then two very well armed Vulks walk into the room and stand aside for Kalnex to walk by*

Marrow: We have been waiting for you...

Plague: Indeed. *Looks at Kalnex with intent* 

*Then Kalnex then shows them that a Signal is coming from somewhere on Ark-00*

Kalnex: My vulkers are sent there to find out what it is and to bring it back to us for studied  and research... *As he put's his hands behind himself*

*Then a Vulk comes up to Kalnex and tells him something*

Kalnex: Huh, good to know so Ragesack will try to take out something that Ravo give up on but she might come back to him and show she's not the one Ravo thought she was, but i want Ragesack to get this done fast and clean.

*Marrow looks away in disgust and Plague is dumb founded*

Plague: Fine if he does well then he's back in if not then he's not in you hear me?!

Kalnex: Show some respect you hairless thing!

*Then Marrow teleport's between them to stop the fight* 

Marrow: You two stop! We need each other and we all hate the same thing.

*Then Plague and Kalnex backs off from each other*

Marrow: I know he failed everyone but we might need him for something.

*Plague then nods*

*Then Kalnex starts to walk out*

Marrow: Hi wait up what are you doing?

*Then he turns his head around*

Kalnex: I'm going to torture someone for some knowledge... he will not want to but oh will it be tasteful!

*Then walks off in the darkness*

Marrow: Shall we go then Plague? 

Plague: I need to do my own thing with the Dawn ones.

*Then walks to hallway*

Marrow: Ok it's just all me now *Then kneels on the ground*

(This all takes place before the events of my role play with :iconc02oblivious: and then goes towards to :iconmevvx:
Banished to the deep.
Act 2
*In the court of the deep*

*The doors slowly open up for Marrow the leader of the blades of rust*

*As Bone is in the middle of the court waiting for her to banished him to the deep*

*Then she steps up to him and looks at him and folds her arms*

Marrow: you failed me once more! You let knack get away and find out who he was!

*As some beings in the crowd gasp and murmur about it*

Marrow: And it failed us all! And now the Walkers are gone and he was in :icondarksack100: world and he is easy to take from you fucking small minded child!

*As Bone looks down on himself*

Marrow: But someone came to us and and he afford us help on taken Ravo and the 13 down with his army, and i don't want your fucking stupid mind getting in the way!

Bone: But i...

Marrow: Don't you dare try to talk your way out of this!

*As some of the court members talk about Bone's fate*

Main court member: You have failed us, and it cost us a victory that would have been sweet and now you shall be banished to the deep. *In a cold heart tone*

*As Bone hear's the court's people talk about him*

Bone: You will regret this Marrow it will come back and take away someone you care.

*Marrow then slaps him in the face*

Marrow: You will not live to tell the tails!!!

*As her voice echos around the court*

*Then the court members stand up*

The court members: begone and never be seen again...

*Then the floor falls apart and Bone is about to fall down in it but try's a last douche effort to not fall in it*

*Garbs the edge and try's to pull up* 

*But then someone crush's Bone's figures*

Bone: AHHRG! *looks up to see who stumped his hand and sees...*

Plague: Hello Bone... It's sad that your not going to be with us anymore... but it's going to be much more fun without you when your gone! *Then punches the other set of figures*

*Bone then falls into the hole to never be seen again*


*Then it fades away and then there is no more bone*

*The floor seals up*

Marrow: Thanks Plague.

Plague: I never liked him, but it was fun to watch him fall to the deep tho.

*Then take's her hand*

Plagues: Let's get out of here shall we?

Marrow: *smiles* yes we shall. 

*They leave the court*

*But in the crowd of people Kalnex was in it watching their every move*

Kalnex: wise move Marrow, wise move...

*Then walks with the people*


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