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The spit.
God damn it you :iconknack-ravenous-rain: and :icondarksack100: make me LMAO so hard i can't even hold it in anymore!
This is :icondarksack100: when he spits his tea out of his mouth. and it's golden!
Logicless: the world destoryer
Logicless: we got a problem!
Bone: What is this "Problem"
Logicless: Darksacks minions are flooding the Fucking room and the ship is upside down right now!
Bone: Damn, maybe Darksack wants Knack back to stop us from helping Healer... And wait the ship is upside down?
Logicless: Yes, and we are geting swarmed down here and... oh god... Darksack sent Golichite after us!
Bone: Get out of there now and we will lock it out and depart the ship with it inside.
Logicless: Got it sir! Get out of here you idots! Run!

Looks like :icondarksack100: send some of his minions (Toys) to get Knack back.
Thats all folks!
Aurora: Wife of ragesack (OC)
As I made this sweet girl for the other (OC) know as Ragesack (…) as she is the wife of Ragesack as she is the well most made piece of art i made (claps fo himself) but as she taken some time as she has some details that you will not see anywhere in my old art as she is a one of a kind!
sex: female
Age: 21
family: Ragesack, Ravo (Father), darksack (father of ragesack), the 13, Luna, Andrew (Bother in some way)
World owner: Helios, sera, mone, butturn, Muimerp.
IQ: 97%

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7 / 1 / 2018 - 11:00 AM - before the Plague…
“This is going to be weird for me i’m moving into a new school a high leveled school i can’t mess around and…” sees has new house 1A and is happy too see it’s at the front gate “I hope my new neighbor is nice and quiet… oh hi that might be him” gets out of the truck with has stuff then walks to has neighbor “Hi neighbor how are you doing?” coming from Jack as he talks to has neighbor. Then has neighbor starts talking “Hi new neighbor my name is Dominux i’m your next door buddy and don’t worry i’m a Silent guy so you can read your book about nanomachines.” as when Dominux was done talking Jack was going to ask “how do you know i’m reading that?” “Well i need to know my neighbors before they come next door just In case they are loud that i have to put in soundproof walls.” with a smile on his face as jack smiles back at him “Well we will be great neighbors.” then Dominux says “Well i hope she likes you.” then Jack says “wait there's a her?!” then Dominux says “she’s a nanomachine robot calm don’t worry she’s fine she has feelings unlike those on the news and such.” as Dominux said then Jack feels safer “Well i hope…” before he could finish his sentence he saw a smooth bodied female who might be the person that Dominux was talking about  she had blue worm like parts at the thighs, chest, arms then she said “How are you doing sir…” then Jack says “Jack mako fossil” as she was shocked by his cheeks become red and bright she felt like he maybe likes her and is trying to impress her and she felt weirded out “Well this is… a beautiful day isn’t it?” as she said but Jack felt like something was wrong and he realized that she forgot to tell her name “do you have a name?” “Him?” as she does not think that he was asking her “No your name what's your name miss…” then everyone was standstill not a sound come then she said “ That’s hmmmm i feel weird…” as she said that jack felt bad for asking what her name is “Well are we all hunger?” as Dominux is trying to fix the moment that jack and his other roommate were in.
“Yay i’m hungry what can…  we make?” as jack said still feeling bad about the asking her for her name… a few hours later “Sorry i’m just not new to this flesh live i’m not like you Jack and Dominux and it was too fast for what was happening…” as she talk but was touched by him and he start talking “No it’s my fault for being fast and shy and well… i’m the one who should have been sorry.” as Jack is done talking then she starts feeling better now “Hi jack mako fossil… my name is Gertrude.” with a smile “Well that’s new never heard that name before” Jack said in a weirded out face “It means spear of strength Jack.” “Well then that makes you stronger then me” *Both laugh* hours later Dominux talks while on his laptop “Hi look at this jack boo.” as jack comes to Dominux and starts talking “don’t ever call me that… dude… woo a care to cancer and it can care all types of cancer… dude this is the biggest thing that could help all of humanity!” as Dominux looks at jack and starts to say “yay and it’s under it’s way to save lots of people too and i just know this stuff because of my mother she let’s me see it and helps me understand how to make cares to plagues and diseases and well anything…  that could help our kind.” as dominux stops talking he looks worried as if something is not right “hi you ok?” as dominux looks at jack “oh sorry ya i’m fine let’s get to bed ok?” as both walk to their beds… “please keep your eyes on the care…” a voice only dominux could hear and he looked back see who said that but the room was clear, empty…  

9 / 7 / 2018 - 7:13 AM - The day of Breakout…
*yawns* “Oh my it’s 7:14 Am… *gets dressed* *walks down stairs* “Ahh now lets… What the…  WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING HERE?!?!?!?” As jack said then Dominux says “ You forgot to lock your side door to our house again.” * ^~^ face expression * “Oh but still what are you doing here *facepalm*” “well our stove broke and we don’t have any cereal to have for breakfast and we taken our food to your stove to cook and yay should have awake you should i?
“Your stove is broken wall i can fix it after school. So you don’t have to come to my house and cook on my stuff with your stuff… Is that Orko i smell! I want some!” As Jack was smiling with a big grin on his face “Maybe… maybe not.” said Gertrude soon they all eat their breakfast and head to school… later that day at 3:00 PM…  “Ahhh finally in my house let’s check my neighbors stove” as jack walks in his neighbor's house to see what’s wrong with their stove… 30 minutes later that day the stove was outside being worked on by Jack then Gertrude comes by looks at her stove “Have you found the issue?” as Jack looks at Gertrude “Well you have to get a new one as this one is broke to the point that it might fell apart on itself..” As Gertrude looks annoyed “really it’s that bad?” As Jack pulls his phone then starts talking “Don’t worry I called Dominux to let him know that his and your stove is broke to the point that you two need a new stove so he will be being a new one back so you two can cook in your house again…” As Gertrude was pretty much shocked that there stove was broken…  “But i tried to fix it i really did and i could not and now i have to scrap it down for my own use or yours if you wish?” at jack said that Gertrude looked very uncomfortable as she looked way “Is it something i said?” as she looks back at Jack with a unfriendly face “Don’t use that word again” as Jack was going to ask what she meant by that word until he he realized that she means scrap as he felt bad about it and wanted to say sorry but was stopped by Dominux as he came out of his track with the new stove and saw the stove being taken apart “Yay that stove was dying to be honest” as he looks at Gertrude and finds out that Jack said something “Hi you feel ok cutie?” Gertrude look at Dominux “ya i’m fine”
Then Dominux walks slowly towards his truck and asks Jack to help him get the new stove off his truck and take it in… a hour later after they get the new stove plug in and turned on “Hi Jack can we talk?” As jack looks at Dominux he shakes his head down and up for a yes “Ok come with me to my room” as they get in Dominux’s room “Jack did you say scrap?” as Jack looks at dominux “yes” as dominux looks at him “You didn’t mean it as you were talking about the stove but… she's not like us and she has seen some shit… she saw her own kind turned into scrap for the new exo-bots… i buyed her before they could do anything to her as that event changed her forever… Jack i’m sorry… for not telling you at the beginning…” as Dominux is done talking “I was going to say sorry until you came back it was not the right time to say it and i feel bad as her body model looked like the tron-71 series as they were s….. No taken out and killed…” Dominux then says “She is not a tron-71 but a 1st series of her kind to first serve humans…” As jack looked up at dominux in horror “She…” as Jack felt the need to not talk anymore… then the Tv turned on with news playing in the back around “woah that was weird.” then the news text comes on {There was a blackout in china no one knows what happened but there are reports of some people infected by some unknown disease but it’s spreading fast as area 51 is on the case as well as others… And we are getting reports of… what the hell do you mean zombies?! There are zombies now!?... ok this is the end of news world wide…} *then the program ends*
“Oh my god…” as Dominux says… “What the hell did we see?!” as jack was scared “Jack… china had the care to cancer... *runs to see if it was anywhere near the care labs* oh god… all of china lost power dude there’s reports of it army's trying to take care of the problem but are losing and god damn it There was a blast at the Care labs!” as dominux was scared… “zombies,care to cancer, what’s going on” coming from Gertrude “Did you hear it all?” as Jack was hoping she didn’t hear anything “No just those words” as everyone in the room was silent “I’m sorry i said scrap in front of you” as Gertrude looked at Jack “It’s ok just my fault for not telling you what to say” as Gertrude said… “Well then you might guess the care was the problem after all…”
As everyone looks at where the voice came from and they see a hooded figure in black robes and with a skullish mask (with teeth everywhere near the mouth) on the being's face looks at everyone “Get ready for it when it comes to this big island… see ya all then” jumps out of the window… “Who the hell was that?” coming from Jack with wide eye balls….

10 / 1 / 2018 - 11:01 AM - Outbreak spreading in china…
In the back yards of house 1A and 1B As... Jack mako fossil sats on his chair thinking about that man on the window saying “Get ready for it when it comes to this big island…” “Does he meant the breakout?” as Jack said from his chair “What else would he be talking about?” coming from Dominux “Oh hi Dominux didn’t see you there” as Jack was a little surprised by his neighbor being next to him without alerting him… “You feeling ok Jack?” as Dominux looks worried “Yeah i’m fine… Dominux do you know who that man was?” as Jack asked Dominux, Dominux felt like he should know who that man is… but doesn't know at the same time… “Sorry jack i don’t know who that man was.” then Jack says “oh ok then…”

12 / 21 / 2018 - 3:00 PM - Outbreak spreading throughout the rest of Asia and going towards Africa and Europe…
After school Jack, Gertrude and Dominux walk back to their houses when they were walking a hand few TV’s turned on next to them and it was the man on their window on the TV’s as all three of them were shocked to see the being on TV then the man speaks “All human kind you must find the Care to this plague… if you don’t you will not survive this plague…  and soon you all will eat each other very soon… here’s a hint…  its purpose was to care the thing…  that we hated forever and still plagues us to this very day…” Then the TV’s turned off as everyone was scared and there was screaming coming from people who can’t hold on there sanity… “Let’s get out of here guys” then they all leave and get back to their house when they did they locked there doors but someone said “Hello kids…” They all look back at the back door where the man was sitting and taking a drink of lemonade they made for themselves “You did a great job... on this lemonade kids…” as they were scared but jack stepped up and said “Thinks but who the hell are you and what are you doing here?!?!” As the man is done drinking his glass of lemonade and puts it down he then says “I’m Dr plague... you might know about the plague doctors…  during the Black plague… as i’m one of them for this time and era… and Dominux’s mother made a weapon that could destroy the united states of America… as that backfired as we know that already?” as dominux knows his mother and can’t believe this as he started talking toDr plague “You are lying to us she would never do such a thing!” as Dr plague looks at dominux then says “Well you don’t know that unless i give you this…” as he throws a big file at all three of them as Dominux was shocked by this as he seen one of these in his mother's room during talking moments “That's impossible you can’t even get it... on... less… you got it after the Outbreak….” as Dr plague smiles with his mask trying to follow his movements “The purest source of evidence there is…  you will believe it no matter what… and you will save ma… human kind that was close… don’t want to say mankind as that is sexist-ish…” as Jack, Dominux and Gertrude were a bit weirded out by this Dr plague but can trust him because he give them a file from the labs and Dominux knows that it might be real as he has seen it before… “Why are you helping us… or is it your plan to try to make us make another care for this care…” as Dr plague laughs and says to them “You don’t need to make it you already have it in people it's killing…” as he is done talking Jack then thinks about it… then realized it’s the thing they were trying to care as well use it on america “You mean we use cancer to care the plague that was supposed to care cancer?” as Dr plague then looks at Jack then says “YES KID! YOU GOT THE IDEA!!” then Jack says “How the fucking hell does that work” As Jack and Dr plague talk to each other then Dominux says “It was supposed to make it’s survivor go to sleep to calm them down and then Care them but i might be wrong and it’s doing something else…”  as then Dr plague then says “the plague is spreading fast kids... you should find a way to stop it soon…” then Gertrude says “You're a plague doctor you shouldn’t help us as you should be stealing stuff and money from the sick and dying.” as Dr plague was a bit offend by this but also understands “Well ya but that was back then… this is now and if we fail to win this war we are gone forever… i prefer this time and era and lifestyle... and we lose it then i may be annoyed with you and your friends… well bye then…”  then walks out of there house with a big mug of lemonade in his hands… “Wait what?” Jack said….

3 / 1 / 2019 - 3:57 AM - Outbreak taken all of Asia and Africa except some parts of Europe…
As Jack get’s his food done his neighbors get in there house and Gertrude comes in jack's house and sits on one of his chairs “germany is getting attacked by the plague, while it spreads around but they are trying to fight it back… i just feel so useless sitting here” as Jack looks at her just annoyed of her saying that about herself “You're not useless you're here with us keep us  strong and safe helping others besides yourself.” as Jack said in a tone that made Gertrude feel a bit better “Thinks but we are all useless an…” before she could say anything else, Jack grabbed her by the head and said “Stop it i don’t like you when you are scared and pushing yourself down, just stop, I need you to be strong not weak please!” as Jack screamed at her to stop being down while in Dominux’s room he is wondering when will he get a chance to find a person with cancer in Ireland then out of nowhere Dr plague pops into the room then says “Really you are not thinking right…  you could go to the hospital or search up someone who does have cancer… hi you ok?” as Dr plague was looking at Dominux then “Where the hell did you come from? Everything is locked!” as Dominux was a bit shock how he got in his room “i'm a ninja! But no let me say…  it’s easy to hang upside down in your room…” as both of them look up “Wait How the hack did i not notice that when i moved here?!” as it looked like a side room on top of the bottom room's door, and haves a letter that goes up into the roof. “Well you need to check the whole house…  to know if you can fit more in it besides yourselfs…” As Dr plague said as he then says “It’s ok there is a flat well piece…  that goes down to cover that room up it has sound proof walls… so you won't know if it was hollowed or not…” As Dominux was feeling dumb for not check that part… As he looks back to Dr plague “Well that’s not weird or anything looking for records of people who have cancer… come on that's wrong” Then the TV turns on then the first words where “Germany was overrun and it spread to italy and france soon spain! And German soldiers are trying to abort their home land please stand by we… oh god no… NO PLEASE NOT ME AGHA…………” *As sounds of the flash being ripped of the dead man's body and groans coming from the Infected* Then Dr plague and Dominux look at each other and then “Well fuck it then! Im looking for a person with cancer that's it!” as Dr plague was a bit creeped out by the news but then says “You sure you want to do this?” as Dominux looks at Dr plague with a face that was not sacred but wanted to save people's lives… “well then i got my answer…  then well see ya then”

4 / 17 / 2019 - 8:17 AM - Infected boat lands on Ireland and then spreads…
As Jack peacefully sits on his chair in the front yard of his house “Hmm i wonder if there is live out there somewhere not on earth maybe Mars, saturn, uranus?” then Jack hears someone screaming for help… He gets up from his chair and runs at the gate and sees a Female mother with her child but the mother is bleeding and someone is running after them but they aren’t human looking “Oh my god you ok?! Get in fast!” as Jack let’s the mother and child in before the man got to the gate when Jack locked the gate the man was on top of it but he looked like a mad man with blood dripping from his mouth and had blue veins sure “Stay back!” as Jack screamed at the man but the man did not respond so Jack got his baseball bat and got ready if he got through the gate or climb it as the man want to a hole in the wall and got in the area then started running at Jack, as Jack got ready to hit him in the stomach as the man got close Jack put all his effort into it and hit the man in the stomach knock the man on the ground but the man got back on his feet and screamed at Jack and his eyes turned glowing-ish blue and run super fast at Jack, But Jack got out of the way then got on his feet and was thinking about the head and run at the man when he was not ready and Jack Hit the man in the back of his head and the *crash!* head broke in it and blood spilled everywhere  and even brains as Jack was a bit creeped out to find the Brains were very black rotting looking as Jack heard the woman say “Thank you…” then he turned around and asked “Were you bitting?” as the woman was worried something was wrong and said “yes…” Jack said “we need you in my house fast and see if you are infected by the bite.” as then Jack heard more noises from beyond the wall there were more of them groaning and trying to get in as some of them looked like german soldiers as Jack then realized that maybe a boat got infected and crashed here as Jack thought as he run to the town telephone and then “The Infected are here get what you need to stop them and block all the flood gates on the walls! Asap!” then Jack runs and tries to get on the top of the wall and and Jumps over the infected group he then Tries to outrun them to get to Dominux… but instead Dominux comes back with Dr plague as Dominux stays back while Dr plague rips all the infacted with his Shotgun and with his sharp battle axe/hammer as when all the infected were taken down by Dr plague as then Jack says “Oh my god are you two ok!?” Then Dr plague says “That was fun and such but really i was enjoying a book called…  - Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare - than the next thing you know i got a bloody infected…  on me trying to bite me…  but don’t worry i broke that brat’s head off.” as Jack was a bit weirded out by the fact he was reading R&J, Dominux then said “I heard he was attacked by the infected guy and then there was a horde of them trying to get us but…  you know Dr plague.” as Jack looks at Dr plague’s weapons that were hand made by him as the shotgun look like it could take and any ammo and was made perfectly and the axe/hammer look like well a big blooded mass (literally) as you can’t even tell what it was but it was doing it’s job well… then a pack of them came around the corner as Dr plague said “there’s more coming! But hi i got… this….” but then more came around the corner and some of them were running, as everyone run in and locked the gate up even the floodgates in the walls “well i don’t got this then.. Ahah”

8 / 27 /2019 - 2:13 - Ireland infected by the Plague and united states get’s hit by the plague…
In Dominux’s room Dominux checks on the Mother who is (Aurora) bitten by the infected man but has not turned at all, “It’s healing nicely, i wonder if you have cancer just asking sorry if that's…” get’s stopped by Aurora then she says “I got cancer three days ago before i was bitten by that man… if that’s what keeps me alive then i hope more people find that out soon and care anyone who get’s bitten.” as Dominux was pretty shocked to hear this but even more shocked by the fact that cancer can save all mankind as he thanks her for the telling him if she has cancer, then walks to his computer and calls the president of united states and tells him “Cancer is the care to the plague please try this just please do it for the world this is Dominux i live in Ireland come get me please...” then ends the call “god please do it” but outside of the town area Jack is searching for survivors outside but then Jack hears a cry and runs towards it, then he sees a woman being attacked by a infected, as the infected was going to bite her but Jack block it from doing so and then stabs it in the forehead “Ow that hurts hmm not bad i’m going to be ok” then Jack helps the woman get back up then they both go back to the safe zone.

11 / 17 /2019 - 7:57 PM - United states cleanses the plague because of Dominux…
As Dominux reads how the united states has cleanse the plague from the west coast and what there plans are for the plague. But Jack has not been seen for a three month’s as Gertrude is sacred that he got killed or something… while somewhere in the safe zone Dr plague is sharpening his Rex blade (That replaced axe/hammer) (that looked like a orcish sword / darts on the front side for ripping apart the Infected like a saw) as he is done sharpening his blade he starts to walk to the gate a few minutes later he get’s to the gate then goes over it “I hope you are… ok Jack…” Dr plague said as he searches for Jack for a few days but on this day he hears something and runs at it jumps over it then sees Jack with a blueish spot on his hand then Jack starts to run away from Dr plague trying his best to outrun him but treps over a departed arm, Jack falls on the ground trying to crawl away from Dr plague. But Dr plague knocks Jack out “Damn kid you run like…  a badass” then Dr plague grabs Jack.

2 / 29 / 2020 - 1:17 PM -Africa and europe and parts of china being saved and cleansed about 707,791 people have been cared of the Plague about 7,000,000 infected have been killed/bitting
As united states and Dominux are working together to spread the care to everyone and to the rest of the world…

“Stay still you…  little fucker damn it…. we're trying to save you!”
Dr plague is holding Jack down
“Help us Gertrude!”
Coming from Dominux
“Oh my god his arm is turning blue!”
Coming from gertrude
“Hold on… i got something to make him…  not move so much”
Dr plague then puts a needle in Jack
“Ok h.e..s... d….o…..n…...e…….”

5 / 31 / 2020 - 7:37 PM The last infected person to be cared…
In a white room where Jack was in his bed hooked up on medical equipment “Where i’m I?” as Jack says it sleepy and trying to get up on his bed and sees Dr plague sitting next to him “Hi kid… how you feeling?” as Jack was worried that he might still be infected then looks at his arm the was hurt when the infected attack him then Jack uncovers his arm and sees it is not blue anymore… “But i was infected i should have died… how am i alive!?” as Dr plague looks at Jack then says “Dominux found aurora…  had cancer and he made some cares for people even you… well then i’m going now…  to let them know you're up and wake.” then Dr plague leaves the room, a few minutes later Gertrude came in the room with flowers and then Dominux comes after words and then says “Hi buddy, we were about to lose you for a second before you became one of them, but that's not what i’m here for…” then runs at Jack then jumps at him then hugged him “I… I miss you too…” as they both hug each other “We stopped the plague Jack but we need to rebuild now and this time we will fix our world and care for each other.” as Jack looks at Gertrude then says “good but you need to do one thing…” as Gertrude got a little closer to Jack then Jack jump on her and hug “Think you both for saving me…”
The end……
Under the skin : story
As :iconorangesavannah: let me make my own story for the… art piece as i did and here it is!
Be warned there my be a few mistakes so bear with me.


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